UV Filter 55mm Visico Multicoated

UV Filter 55mm Visico Multicoated
UV Filter 55mm Visico Multicoated

They are manufactured by Visarfoto and are an excellent quality optical Glass filter with metal frames and front and rear lens threads

UV filters are mainly used to protect the lens against dust, scratches and perhaps damage due to accidentally dropping the lens. They also filter out the UV light that can cause a bluish haze on your pictures, since normal film is not only sensitive to visible light, but also to UV. They are useful when you are taking pictures in the mountains or at sea or any other place where there is a lot of UV light. It will filter out the blue haze that normally blurs the background of your picture. It is also very useful when taking pictures in the snow, since snow is a very good UV reflector.
Multicoated to give clearer images by reducing internal reflections.

Brand New
Supplied in a protective case.

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