High quality Close up +10 Filter 67mm

Out Of Stock High quality Close up +10 Filter 67mm
High quality Close up +10 Filter 67mm

67mm Close Up Macro filter Lens +10

Close-filters, also known as close-up lenses or macro filters, attach to the front of a lens or lens adapter and extend the close-up range of a digital camera. Though not as high quality as a macro lens, close-up filters are small and lightweight.

Close-up filters are much less expensive than a dedicated macro lenses too. While they can reduce image quality they also provide better magnification than the built-in macro mode found on many digital cameras.

Close-up filters have diopter ratings such as +1, +2, +4 +10. When stacked, they provide more magnification than if only one close-up filter was used.

If using a standard filter and a close-up filter simultaneously, attach the close-ups first and the filter last.

Because close-up filters can decrease Depth of Field, use a smaller aperture to photograph the subject.

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